How to Create Phonebook for Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS platforms such as Loftysms allow users to keep a listing of their contacts. To Create Phonebook on Loftysms is a facile and convenient way to save and manage your contacts, it is advisable you create a Phonebook because it saves you the stress of copying and pasting your numbers whenever you intend sending them messages.

In addition, Loftysms has implemented HLR LOOKUP features, that helps you check the validity, availability and other valuable details of your contacts. For more info about HLR LOOKUP click here.

Probably you don’t know how to send bulk SMS, follow this link. also if you want to know how to send bulk SMS using API follow this link.

This article enumerated steps on how you can create and manage your Phonebooks and also how to buy Contacts (Phone numbers of people base on LGA, gender and network) on Loftysms.

1.  To Create Phonebook for bulk SMS.
  • Click on Phonebook on the dashboard
  • Enter your Phonebook name
  • Fill-in your contact.
  • Submit the info to save contact.

below is the caption on creating new phonebook

2.  To manage your Phonebook on bulk sms.
  • Select Manage Phonebook
  •  Click on edit to edit your Phonebook
  • Click delete to delete your Phonebook

below is the caption on managing Phonebook

3.  To buy Contacts for bulk sms.
  • Click  Buy Contact
  • Select your local government area,mobile network of interest and Genders
  • Name your Contact lists
  • Enter Contact Unit you are willing to purchase: (0.5 unit per Number)
  • Click  buy number button

below is the caption on how to by contacts

4.  To send message to your Phonebooks.

below is the caption on how to send message to Phonebooks

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  1. 17th November 2017

    […] Note: for more info on how to send sms to demography click here and how to create a Phonebook click here. […]

  2. 22nd November 2017

    […] Also beside the Recipients column, you can also select contacts from your existing phone book which has been saved on the website. Click here for more info on Phonebook. […]

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