How to deliver SMS to Nigeria DND Numbers without changing the senderID to rUPDATE OR INFODESK

One of the Challenges facing SMS industry is the changing of senderID since the introduction of DND (Do not Disturb) feature by the NCC – Nigeria Communications Commission. As a result of this DND, senderID are changing to rUPDATE, INFODESK, INFINITI to mention few. MTN therefore, leveraged the undue advantage of this feature to further exploit clients by delivering SMS to DND numbers via a more expensive route.

Therefore, as a result of our tireless efforts to satisfying you by providing optimum services that help you achieve your SMS marketing targets and also reach your your targeted audiences, we at, has rob minds and agreed with the network providers to help you deliver messages to your audience without changing your senderID on DND numbers.

Please note that only Corporate clients and Business owners are currently giving consideration process to register their senderID.  For us to process your senderID, you must have a minimum traffic of 5000 messages monthly. Please check our pricing to see the equivalent cost.

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The requirements to register your senderID with NETWORK PROVIDERS
  • First of all, become a registered user of If you are yet to register , click here to do so.
  • Secondly, your company must be purchasing a minimum of 10000 units on loftysms every month. Click here to check our pricing.
  • Your Company or Agency Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) certificate.
  • A duly signed/stamped letter on your Company’s letter-head paper which must follow MTN Nigeria Ltd letter format_New. format.

Note: All senderID must be related to the name of your Company/Organization on the CAC certificate and must have maximum of 11 characters. In case of inconsistent senderID, there must be some supporting documentations such as trademarks etc.

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If all the requirements above are satisfied, please send a mail to with the scanned letter, CAC certificate and all supporting documentations.

Please note that this process takes between 10-30 working days and maybe longer depending on the network providers.

For more information, contact us here.



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