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No, the system automatically removes one of the number once sms is sent.

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Yes. We send SMS to all countries across the globe. Click here for detail pricing,

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With our wordpress plugin, you can do SMS Broadcast for your Blog post. For more details click

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Yes, you can send personalize SMS on our platform. Please visit  for more detail

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Yes, our platform is an highly advanced messaging platform. You can perform HLR LOOKUP for numbers on our platform. Click “HLR LOOKUP” under Numbers on the dashboard. Visit for more details.

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Yes, you can save as many numbers on our platform. You can do this by saving your contact on Phonebook. Click “Phonebook” on your dashboard and click on Create Phonebook.

Click HERE for more detail this.

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All messages will show a status report whether successfully delivered or not. Go to Logs on the user dashboard and click on Message Logs to view the SMS reports. check HERE for more details on how to send SMS on Loftysms

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Yes, we support message scheduling, click on “More Option” on the send Bulk SMS page, there you will see where to schedule your message. Click How to send send Bulk SMS for more details

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There is no limit to the number of SMS that can be sent by users on our platform at a time. Users are able to send SMS to thousands of numbers at a time.

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There are 160 characters in one SMS/Page, which translates into 1 Unit. You can send up to 1600 characters but this will translate into 10 SMS’s/Pages/Units.

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You fill your payment details on the Make Payment menu on the dashboard immediately after bank payment and confirm your order, after this your account get credited immediately.

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You can purchase Units online via Mobile Transfer, ATM card or Direct Bank Deposit. Click HERE for more details on Unit purchase.

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Please view our Pricing page for accurate costs. If you buy more you pay less! There are no setup fees, monthly fees or any other additional fees. We operate on a prepaid basis. The Units that you buy does not expire.

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Enter your ‘Username or Email’ and ‘Password’. These are both case sensitive. Click “Login” to access your home page.

Note: you will not be able to change your sender ID with the FREE SMS Units.

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Registering your Bulk SMS account with is free and takes only a few minutes. You will also gain 10 FREE SMS Unit. Click HERE or click the SIGN UP FREE button on the homepage. Please note that all fields must be completed in order to register successfully and that the Username and Password fields are Case Sensitive.

Once you have entered the information correctly, click “sign up” and you will be able to logon into Loftysms. Confirm your account from your email address to be awarded your 10 FREE SMS Units to test our products and services. If the confirmation message is not in your inbox, check your spam.

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