How to Perform HLR LOOKUP for Number on Loftysms

Loftysms provides detail delivery reports for every operation perform on the platform especially SMS delivery reports. Apart from this basic delivery report, Loftysms implemented HLR LOOKUP feature to help user appraise the validity, availability and other details of phone numbers before sending their SMS as to avoid the worrying of undelivered messages. This article is purposely written for you to give you guild lines on how to perform HLR LOOKUP on Loftysms.

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Note that before you can use this feature, you must be a registered user of Loftysms, if you’re yet to register please click here to register now.

After registration, Log-in to your account and follow the guidelines below:


Step 1. Click Numbers from the top-menu on user dashboard and select HLR LOOKUP as shown below



Step 2. On the HLR LOOKUP PANEL, there are 3 ways to choose the phone numbers to perform HLR LOOKUP on

  1. TYPE RECIPIENTS: this provide a space to type all the phone numbers separated with comma
  2. SELECT FROM PHONEBOOK: for users to perform HLR LOOKUP on the contacts saved on their phonebook. to know more about phonebook on loftysms follow this link
  3. UPLOAD RECIPIENTS: for users to perform HLR LOOKUP on recipient saved in form of text file (.txt)

Step 3. After selecting any of the  options in step 2, click on More Options and select from the 3 options as shown in the image below:

Step 4. Click Submit Lookup Request to complete your HLR LOOKUP operation.


Users can check reports for all HLR LOOKUP operations on, to check this, click on logs on the top-menu of the user dashboard and select HLR LOOKUP logs as shown in the diagram below

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