Sending Bulk SMS Campaign.

Running your campaign marketings/programs via Bulk SMS is very effective. The benefit of this over other campaign mediums cannot be overemphasized, it is cheap, fast, reliable and effective. Another thing you can be certain of is that people will get your campaign messages.

It is most noteworthy to know that SMS campaign also entails sending Bulk SMS to people base on locations genders and network-we provide you with this details

Therefore, Using Bulk SMS Campaign, makes a huge impact in promoting business strategies especially in Nigeria

At, the most important thing is to make sure that your SMS gets deliver to your targeted audience easily via Bulk SMS Campaign. In a bid to help you achieving this as fast as possible, we decided to create a service that helps you send messages to people of a particular demography quickly.

All you have to do is select the demography of the people you want to reach, enter your messages and click send message, *phew* your message is sent. We also provide you a detailed delivery reports of all the messages sent to the last recipient.

Sending Bulk SMS Campaign feature on is a premium feature, tested and can be trusted 100%.

Furthermore, recently we developed the personalized SMS feature using a more unique approach, after a lot positive reviews, we decided to go another steps forward in helping you reach your audience faster and quickly.

The steps below guides to runinng a successful campaign (i.e sending location based, gender based and network based) quickly on Since we launched this feature, we’ve gotten a lot of positive reviews from users and we believe that your case will be no different.

Note: before you can use this feature, you must be a registered user of, if you’re yet to register please click here to register now.

In addition, for more info about how to send your Bulk SMS via our API click here

After registration, Log-in to your account and follow the guidelines below:

  1. Click on send message on the user dashboard menu and select Send SMS to Demography, here you will be directed to the campaign SMS page, how to send the SMS goes thus:


Features under Send SMS to Demography

Let discuss the features under Send SMS to Demography

  1. SenderID: this is the display name for the message and it can only be 11 characters. For Receivers Demography: here we have:-
  2. Local Government Areas: Here you select the local government you want to send the SMS to. It can be one, two, three as many local government as you want.
  3. Mobile Networks: This gives you an option to select a preferred network (e.g Glo, Mtn, Airtel, 9mobile etc.) you want to send the SMS. You can also select as many networks as possible.                                                         
  4. Gender: Male/female, you can as well select both depending on the gender of people you of your target.
  5. After gender is the input for the amount of number you are sending SMS to e.g. 100, 2000, 5000, depending on how you want the broadcast to spread.
  6. Message: This is the message content, please note multiple pages are also charged incrementally.
  7. More option column is optional but it can be changed if you know what you’re doing.
  8. Once you followed above steps properly, click on the send message.

Want to know more about some unique features of, check out some of the features of here

Do you need more people more than what we have currently loaded in our database, please contact us sharply.

If you’ve further questions please feel free to contact us or drop your comment below

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