How to send Bulk SMS with steps on Loftysms

Here we will be guiding you step by step on how to effectively make use of our platform to send Bulk SMS to your targets.

First of all, you need to sign-up on the platform, if you haven’t done so. Click here to register.


Now you are ready to make use of the most efficient, effective and lowest pricing bulk SMS platform in the country.

Lets get you up to speed:

After completing your registration, you will be directed to your loftysms dashboard. On this page is the “send sms” link which is on the top menu on the dashboard. Once  clicking, you will be directed to the SendSMS page. The send sms dashboard will appear like the this:



Now lets get your message customized  and running within 2 minutes


    What is sender ID?  Sender ID is the customize name you want your message to deliver as on the recipient line. Example: Femtosh, Mechark, LOFTYSMS and so on. NOTE: the sender ID can only contain 11 characters at maximum, inputting names like Professor Makinde, William Shakespeare combined together will not be accepted.


    This route is a combination of trusted routes. It offers the cheapest option and it’s very reliable. The route is set on default which has been perfectly optimize for easy and perfect delivery of your message to the designated numbers. You can click on the link to know more. Don’t change this option except you know what you are doing.


    As you know, SMS is supported by almost all mobile devices and mobile networks (GSM and others) in the world. An SMS message can contain a short text only, and can be sent to any cellphone number around the world. SMS messages are routed internationally. PLAIN SMS: Plain SMS can contain standard text format, its standard length is 160 characters. FLASH SMS: Flash SMS is also called Class0 SMS. It display only SMS. On most mobile phones it is displayed immediately and is never saved to the SIM card or your phone memory without your prior permission. Don’t change this option except you know what you’re doing


    1. This is the column where you type or paste the phone numbers you wish to forward messages to. The number must be separated by (a comma, space or putting each number on a line).
    2. Also beside the Recipients column, you can also select contacts from your existing phone book which has been saved on the website. Click here for more info on Phonebook.
    3. Finally you can upload a text(.txt) file which have been perfectly separated as recipients. Please note that you can use all or any of the available options to add your recipients. Please note that any other file formats such as docx, pdf, csv  is not supported and will give an error.
  5. MESSAGE:   Just as simple as typing a message on your phone is, this inter-phase is not different. The maximum  number of characters for every first page message is 160 characters while subsequent pages have a maximum limit of 140 characters.


You don’t really want to miss wishing your loved ones on special occasion like: birthdays, religious celebrations etc. do you?  Your messages can be scheduled to be delivered on the date and time of your choosing. In addition, to schedule your message:- After typing on your message on the message inter-phase provided  with phone numbers all typed and fixed as specified, mark the schedule message box then set your time and date of delivery. your message will be effectively delivered as scheduled.

DND MANAGEMENT:  What is DND ?  DND simply means “do not disturb” to get more information about DND click here

In conclusion, send Bulk SMS is as easy as ABC, once you carefully followed the steps enumerated above. If probably you still encounter challenges, feel free to contact us.

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