How to send Bulk SMS using API (Application Programming Interface) on

This is an old documentation, For our new and detailed developers guide click here 

With our developers’ API, you can integrate bulk SMS into your website or any application that has http request enabled.

The advantages this has to offer is ever increasing and makes bulk SMS available to you from any programming language of your choice, whether its a Visual Basic Program, .Net, PHP, JAVA or any language of your choice.

There are two methods to take advantage of this mode of sending Bulk SMS and they are explained in detail below.

Plain GET HTTP Raw API for SPC and some other applications

SEND SMS API,070xxxxx&message=Your message

  • username= Your registered username on Loftysms
  • password= Your registered password on Loftysms
  • Sender= Your Message senderid
  • Recipient= Comma separated list of recipients
  • Message= Your URL encoded Message (this would have been handled by your application)

By default our Application will send using the default route, we will also send message to DND numbers using the corporate route.




In case you need our HTTP API for a custom use case. Follow the guidelines below

  • Authorization Method : Basic with your username/email and password
  • After Authorization send a HTTP POST request to
  • Parameters Required are
    • recipient(comma separated or space separated)
    • message
    • sender(alphanumeric, max of 11 characters)
    • corporate (values 1,2,3) 1 to send DND through corporate route, 2 to send all through DND, 3 (not to send to DND and will not deduct your credit)
    • sms_type (values 1 or 2) 1 for plain sms, 2 for flash sms


Response For Both GET & POST API


401=Invalid Auth Parameters

402=Insufficient credits: payment required

405=Invalid Recipients



Response Format for Success= response_message|number|identifier, xxxxx

Multiple numbers will be separated by comma in the response

Please note that this page is still in progress and some important information may be missing. Kindly contact us if you have further questions





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