What is DND and how to send BULK SMS to DND Numbers.

The DND service by GSM operators limits your line from receiving bulk sms. But you wouldn’t want to silence important calls or SMS that you have been waiting for. You can opt out of the DND service, activate fully or partially. The DND Service is totally FREE.

For detail info on how to send Bulk SMS to DND numbers without changing your senderID click here

To check your STATUS on the DND service, simply SMS or text STATUS to 2442.

To Deactivate DND, text ALLOW to 2442, to Activate the DND service, text STOP to 2442

Simply text HELP to the short code 2442 to find out more and text the Numbers below to activate particular options. See the following:

STOP: To stop all SMS and IVR messages 
ALLOW: To receive all SMS and IVR messages(Bulk SMS, Value Added Services, Promos)
SMS 1: To receive Banking / Insurance/ Financial Products SMS 
        2: To receive Real Estate SMS and IVR messages
        3: To receive Education SMS and IVR messages
        4: To receive Health SMS and IVR messages 
       5: To receive Consumer goods & Automobiles SMS and IVR messages
       6: To receive Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT SMS and IVR messages
       7: To receive Tourism & Leisure SMS and IVR messages 
      8: To receive Sport SMS and IVR messages
      9: To receive Religion SMS and IVR messages 

Despite this measures, it has been observed that the network providers hardly follows this procedures and despite opting-out of the DND service, some people are still unable to receive bulk SMS.

The DND simply means Do – Not – Disturb.  

In other to minimize this problem, we introduced a corporate route which will help you deliver messages to DND phone numbers.

But first thing first, you have to be a user of Loftysms.com to be able to use this service

After you have registered and ready to send your message on Loftysms.com.

  • Sign-in to your account and click on the Send SMS link
  • On your Send SMS page just before the Send Message button, you’ll see the DND Management options

as shown in the image below



Can you see the three options on the screenshot  above? Yes! . Let’s check how each option works;

  • Option 1 –  Use corporate route for only DND phone numbers

This is the default selection and we generally recommend using this option. If selected we will attempt to send all your messages through the normal route but will send only Do-not-disturb numbers through the corporate route.

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  • Option 2 – Use corporate route for all the phone numbers 

Clicking on this option 2 simply means you want all your messages to be delivered to phone numbers through corporate routes.  This helps your messages to be delivered to all phone numbers using the corporate route

Why would you use this? if you’re sure that all the phone numbers you have are on Do -Not – Disturb, you might opt for this option. Simply click the DND management option 2 and then click send.

This option is more effective for message delivery with the introduction of what we will call the corporate route.

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  • Option 3 –  Discharge phone numbers on DND and don’t charge me 

This is the last option on DND management. It send messages to ONLY phone numbers on normal route and ignore phone numbers on Do – Not – Disturb.

When you select this option, we will not charge you for Do-not-disturb numbers


     But always leave it on option 1 if you don’t know the type of phone numbers of your recipients 

    You can try this and see how it works!!! 

Go to dashboard now and check how it works

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