How to Send Personalized SMS on

This guide is intended to put you through on how to send personalized message on the platform. To send Normal Bulk SMS, please read how to send bulk sms with steps

Personalized Message is a type of Bulk SMS in which the messages is different for every recipient.

To achieve this, please follow the guidelines below

  1. I believe you are already a user, if not click here to register and Log-in to your account.
  2. After Log-in, click Send Personalized SMS under Send Message dashboard.
  3. On the Personalized SMS page, Fill the form as follow

    • SenderID: This is the name that will display as Sender for the messages. It can only contain 11 characters
    • Upload File Option: This is the personalized file and must be in an excel format either xls or xlsx. 
    • The Excel file can have up-to three columns as shown in the image below. The rows can be as many as possible
    • First Column –Recipient(compulsory): This is the phone number of the recipient and must be in international format e.g 234xxxxxx for Nigeria,1xxxx for USA.
    • Second Column –Message(Compulsory): This is the Message to be sent to the particular user. please note that more than 160 characters will be counted as multiple pages
    • Third Column –Name (optional): This is optional and it is the Name of the recipient. If added, the Dear (Name), will be added to the Message. This should not be added if you do not want this to be added.
    • There can also be an optional fourth column, this may be necessary if you need to an additional individual parameter to each users message. Any parameter in the fourth column will be added to the footer of your message separated by a single space
    • The More Options Column is absolutely Optional and should only be changed if you know what you are doing.
    • To submit your Message click on Send Message.

In case you’re interested in checking out our API, READ our API DOCS

Please feel free to ask your questions from our support team and let us know of any feature you would like us to add in the comment section.



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