How to do Bulk SMS broadcast for Blog posts on WordPress

As we know that blog has become a ubiquitous business, every blogger strife to make their blog post unique, crowd-pleaser and to increase website traffic. The surest way to achieve all these is to Integrate Bulk SMS broadcast into your blog post. This blog post is specially to educate you on how to perform sms broadcast for your blog post using loftysms wordpress plugins.

The very first thing to do before any installation or integration is to register with loftysms as a user, for details info on how to register, click this link.  After successful registration, follow the steps (with image attached) below to  begin your installation and integration.

1. How to Install Plugins

  • Go to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Click on Plugins and select Add New (Note: only administrator of the website can be able to install plugin).

  • After clicking Add New, search for loftysms on the wordpress repository keyword space, then click on Install Now.
  • Click on Activate button to complete your installation. 

2. How to do Settings after installation.

  • Click on the loftysms (with logo) on the side panel of your wordpress and select Settings.

  • After selecting setting, enter your details once in the form click on Save settings as shown bellow

3. How to do Auto Settings after setting

  • After you have successfully save Settings, click on the loftysms (with logo) again on the side panel of your wordpress and select Auto SMS Settings.

  • Fill the space provided after clicking Auto SMS Settings and click on save settings as shown below.

Note: for more info on how to send sms to demography click here and how to create a Phonebook click here.

  • After saving Settings, scroll than on your blog page when you see SMS Broadcast(powered by  and at the base select the check to enable SMS broadcast button. See the image below for more clearance.  Once you publish your blogs, all your saved contacts will receive your sms broadcast.


I am  very sure the steps enumerated above are simple and easy to follow, in case you still encounter some challenges, kindly log on to our website and chat with one of agents.

Remember your satisfaction is our Pride on Loftysms.

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